Having lived through the horrors of the earliest epoxy finished boards it has taken a while to persuade us away from traditional Polyurethane & Polyester construction . However with Resin Research & their continual development we are now getting well & truly stoked on the possibilities of moving forward . The best advances have come in flex & the ability to fine tune the flex in a board , the resilient memory that keeps a board flexing & feeling like it did when new rather than that flat , lifeless feeling your pu board has after a few years . All our mid lengths will be available & developed in US blanks superfused eps foam & the latest Resin Research epoxies , sand finished & built for speed . The Bluebird gets it name from Malcolm Campbells Land Speed record cars , the speed it can generate will see you sneaking past sections like a cyclist in rush hour !

6’8 Bluebird eps 1 with Japanese Indigo Shibori Fabric Deck